Righteous Kill

The good-guy serial killer has a long history in TV and movies. If one ever appears in real life, it won’t be nearly as much of a shock as it is every time it happens in fiction.

What’s refreshing about this trailer is that it puts all the genre’s tropes right out front. The cop’s ambivalence about what the killer is doing. Their complete lack of pretension about becoming cops to get respect. Their lack of remorse about killing. Their willingness to lie to Internal Affairs.

Usually, in this genre, someone is working their way from believing in black-and-white morality to believing in something more complex. Sometimes it’s the cop, sometimes it’s the audience. Here, it’s neither. These guys are not on a soul-searching journey. They know who they are. They have carved out their own moral ground, and if you want to go there, they’ll draw you a map.

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