Wendy And Lucy


Wendy evokes the dreamer in Peter Pan on the cusp of adulthood, so simultaneously innocent and eager to grow up that she moves asymptotically toward heartbreak with each passing moment. Lucy is the feminine of Lucifer, the light-bringer who, by aspiring too much, found himself illuminating the torture of damned souls.

With the economy gone to shit, some people watch romantic comedies to feel better, while some people (myself included) prefer to see movies like this. On one level, it lets us play out our fears about what might happen if we, personally, run completely out of money. At another level, the fact that mainstream movie star Michelle Williams is playing someone so poor, unknown, and desperate comes across as a touching acknowledgement that those of us living down here on the ground aren’t drinking ambrosia. And it goes without saying (doesn’t it?) that Michelle Williams, widow of the recently deceased Heath Ledger, has a lot of fans looking for an opportunity to commiserate along with her.

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