Star Trek


Quicktime trailer.

J.J. Abrams, creator of Alias and Lost, has shown himself to be very bad at bringing complex stories to a close. So here’s a project he’s much more likely to excel at, one that is focused completely on building exposition around an end that the audience already knows.

The original Star Trek series only ran for three years. Since then, it has expanded into a universe of such depth and nuance that, for those of us who have come to appreciate it, watching the original series can sometimes be cringe-inducing. The obvious costumes, the re-usable sets, the cheap ship-shaking effects… we’d almost like to imagine that, somehow, the original show could be retroactively made better than it was, to make it more obviously deserve everything that it became.

When the voiceover says “You’ve always had a hard time finding your place in this world, haven’t you?”, it’s not talking to the young James T. Kirk; it’s talking to you, the potential viewer. Are you, or were you, an awkward kid (i.e. everybody)? Perhaps you’ll find a career… in space. The voiceover ostensibly directed at the young Spock is similarly directed at the viewer: We all find ourselves born of two worlds in some way or another, whether the divide is racial, religious, geographical, divorced families, dual citizenship, etc. The idea here is to encourage the confused child of two worlds (i.e. everyone) to buy a ticket in order to be exhilarated as that drama made metaphorical is played out on a grand scale.

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