Sita Sings The Blues


This feminist retelling of an ancient Indian story can’t get distribution because the director doesn’t have the rights to the music.

It seems inevitable to me that she will eventually release the film online, where at this point it will get a lot more exposure than it would have if she had gotten the music rights. What’s more, the enforcement of the music rights will be rendered pointless. Or rather, the pointlessness of enforcing the music rights wil become manifest.

I like this trailer. One of the basic conventions of filmic storytelling is that you reveal right away the genre and setting. The first thing we know here is that we’re looking at something that is both postmodern and metafictional, yet reverent and sincere in its own way. A story about religion that is neither anti-religious nor pedagogical, but is rather a rumination on an important myth.

Here’s the trailer for Sita Sings The Blues.

I was reading an article about the problems Sita’s director is having with getting distribution, and the headline was eclipsed by an annoying ad for The Spirit. As I’ve seen The Spirit, and it’s a piece of crap, this image is all too appropriate.


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