What is it about numbers as names?

Star Trek Voyager’s Seven Of Nine is (or was) part of the Borg. Her number indicates that she has lost her human identity. But it’s also kind of mysterious and hot.


House’s Thirteen gets her number from when she was one of many candidates for a place on House’s team. She avoids revealing her real name for as long as possible, because she knows that being called Thirteen makes her sound mysterious and hot. Also, she has Huntington’s disease, is going to die soon, and doesn’t want anyone to know about her personal life, so keeping them from knowing her real name is a good start.


Battlestar Galactica’s Six, another alien sex robot, basically. I have to admit that I never found her particularly attractive or mysterious, but that’s the idea.


Ninety-nine from the original Get Smart. Hot in the context of a ridiculous world.


Five from Peanuts. His father named all the kids numbers, and their last name was their zip code.


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