Chandi Chowk To China

Now watch the very different Quicktime trailer.

Who’s the intended audience?  Will the comedy play stereotypes against each other, or stereotypes against reality?

A couple other comedies that deal with inter-cultural tension in a way that seemed smooth at the time:

Michael Keaton is the working-class American guy who pretends to know how to talk to Japanese businessmen in Gung Ho. Interestingly, I can’t find a trailer, or even a good still image from that movie. It’s almost as if it’s been erased from public memory, like Songs Of The South. Here’s the climax, though:

Eddie Murphy is a finder of missing children, who must now find the Dalai Lama, or something, in The Golden Child. But does anyone else remember that trailer as a little bit different?

Also, The Guru vs. The Love Guru, previously discussed here.

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