The Love Guru

There was already a comedy about a sham guru coming from India to the US, being hired by wealthy people to solve simple problems, and having sex with beautiful white women. But nobody saw it (except me), because American mainstream audiences aren’t ready to get behind a bumbling Indian and cheer while he hoodwinks rich white people, realizing that he can revel in their money and their bodies simply by embracing how exotic he seems to them.

But mainstream American audiences will see a similar story if the hero is played by a white man. It’sMumford2
probably disquieting to many Americans to watch while a skinny unknown Indian seduces Marisa Tomei under false pretenses; it’s just good clean fun to watch Mike Meyers seduce Jessica Alba with whatever means are at his disposal. And by having a white man play an Indian, the Indian can be portrayed as a complete goofball, with strange mannerisms and ridiculous clothes, allowing the audience to laugh at the same stuff that they would have been afraid to laugh at or make fun of under different circumstances. Thirty years from now, all this will be so obvious upon a repeat viewing of The Love Guru that audiences will squirm the way they do now when they see old movies with white actors in blackface.

The Love Guru Trailer

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