The Bucket List

Observing people wealthier than oneself can be depressing. To deal with the disparity, poorer people like to convince themselves that their lives are actually richer, in a non-monetary way, than those of rich people.

At the end of this road is the implication that the ideal would be to have the humilityBrewster and capacity for appreciation of a poor man, but the resources of a rich man.

Although this scenario seldom (if ever) occurs in real life, it happens in movies all the time. People who identify with the poor guy in the movie get to receive affirmation that yes, in fact, they actually do deserve all the things that rich people have, and that they deserve these things mainly by virtue of the fact that they *don’t* have them. People who identify with the rich guy don’t see the movie at all; they make the movie, and get richer. Sorry.

The Bucket List Trailer