I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With

There aren’t many movies about wealthy, self-actualized fat men who find happiness in the arms of a svelte young woman. It must be because poor, depressed fat guys get all the chicks.

It’s a perverse wish-fulfillment fantasy. We want to believe that, somewhere down there, at the social bottom of things, there’s a kind of pathetic glory that comes to those who have nothing else.

If you’re a depressed fat guy, you might see this movie because, if only Sarah Silverman hadn’t been motivated to get rich and famous, she might have ended up in your life, and focused her charming neurotic intelligence on you instead of on her own career, and it’s implicit that after you put up with a certain amount of her crap, she would have let you fuck her.

If you’re a neurotic, intelligent girl, you might see this movie because, if only you had found a way toOnly_the_lonely
focus your own quirky sexuality on your career, you might have ended up like Sarah Silverman, but you didn’t, and now, after spending your 20s drinking Amstel Lights and reading Kristeva, you’re letting a depressed fat guy fuck you, and that’s ok too.

If you’re not in one of those categories, then either this movie appeals to you out of a vague sense that it’s about “real people,” or you figure you’ll wait to see Sarah Silverman in a movie where she has sex with someone more attractive, or maybe just masturbates. But not in an ironic way, as that would be too much like her stand-up persona, and thus not really acting.

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